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More information?
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Elastic binders for bundling your products

Let manual bundling of your products belong to the past! You can bundle several products with the elastic binder of Cyklop in a quick and efficient manner.  Examples of products: flowers, vegetables and industrial products.

Elastic binders from our own production

Cyklop elastic binders are made in our own production facility in Zwolle, Holland for you.  Each elastic binder is tested before the binder leaves our factory.  Our elastic binding machines are equipped with the latest technology.

The operation of an elastic binding machine

You put the product on the surface and operate the ignition switch. The machine puts the rubber band around your product and make a knot. Then you can remove the product.

On the video you can see our complete product range of elastic binders together with their operation.

Elastic binders

To perform to the expectation of the needs of our customers, Cyklop offer a range of different types of elastic binders.  In addition to our extensive line of standard binders, Cyklop can also provide custom made machines by our own engineering team. Our best-selling model, the AXRO-FQC2 has a high binding rate and long life.  In addition, this binder is avaialbe with different options.  Do you need a machine with a lower binding capacity? then the AXRO2Basic is a right choice.  The AXRO-FQC2 can be equipped with a label applicator, wherein your product can have a label applied during the binding process.

Model Elastic typeLong productsHigh productsOption to fully automaticFully stainless steel
AXRO2Basic AXRO2Basic AXRO2Basic Cylastic
Axro FQC2 Axro FQC2 Axro FQC2 Cylastic
Axro MD 35/60XL Axro MD 35/60XL Axro MD 35/60XL Cylastic
Axro MD 35/60 Axro MD 35/60 Axro MD 35/60 Cylastic
Axro FQC2 M Axro FQC2 M Axro FQC2 M Cylastic
Elastobinder Elastobinder Elastobinder Strepper
Elastobinder M Elastobinder M Elastobinder M Strepper
AXRO-IN 2 AXRO-IN 2 AXRO-IN 2 Cylastic