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More information?
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Coding products and packaging

On this page you can see a summary of devices that can be encoded. The coding systems are thermal inkjet printers that are based on proven HP technology. The printers are very solid. As a result, they can easily be installed in any industrial environment.

The Cyklop CM 100 is the ideal printer unit for coding and marking of your products or packaging. It is very easy to integrate the printer into logistics and distribution solutions within the packaging process. 

Coding software

Using the software and intuitive user interface provides the ability to customize your final package with company information such as logos, bar codes and date of manufacture quickly and easily.

Ink Cartridges for coding system

In our extensive product range we also have ink cartridges for our coding system. These cartridges provide the highest possible print quality. By means of the integrated print heads, optimum print can be ensured at all times.

Model PrintheadPrinting heightCompatible with
CM 300
Compatible with
4 x CM 301
Compatible with
2 x CM 302
Compatible with 1 x CM 304
CM 100 CM 100 CM 100 112,7 mm
CM 300 CM 300 CM 300 1-450,8 mm
CM 301 CM 301 CM 301 112,7 mm
CM 302 CM 302 CM 302 225,4 mm
CM 304 CM 304 CM 304 450,8 mm
CM300EG CM300EG CM300EG 512,7 mm
CM 100H CM 100H CM 100H 112,7 mm
CM 150 CM 150 CM 150 112,7 mm
CM 200 CM 200 CM 200 225,4 mm
CM 300E CM 300E CM 300E 1-450,8 mm
CM 750 CM 750 CM 750 132dots