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Film wrapping consumables

How to save on film costs?

Film is excellent for securing a wide range of pallet loads; the goods remain protected and assembled.

Film is a petroleum-related product. In the production of film is oil consumed.  To minimize its environmental impact the choice of a good film is very important.  The fluctuation in film prices is related to the world oil price. Several reasons to look critically at your film use.

Below you can read what two ways can be achieved to make savings on film:

1. The film must be adapted to the machine you are using.When using a machine with advanced (elongation) properties, an advanced foil wrapper gives the best results and lowest environmental impact. An additional advantage is that you have a low cost per pallet wrapping. One meter of film on the roll will quickly add 4 meter of film to the pallet, at an elongation percentage of 300%.

2. Today, the film, is of such a good and constant quality that in many cases it is justified to use a thinner film, or even a pre-stretched variant. This gives you more meters on a roll of film, and thus your film consumption drops considerably.

A difference in thickness of 3 microns give you all a film saving of 9%. Below is a sample calculation:

23 micron = 1550 meters on the roll

20 = 1700 micron meter on the roll

Difference: 150 meters = 9%.


Ask Cyklop what your savings can be

Stretch film and wrapping film

A pallet wrapped in stretch film is not only wise during transportation but also during storage. A well-wrapped pallet keeps your products dust, dirt and moisture free allowing them to be sold undamged at a later date. It is also important for smooth and safe transport of your packaged goods to have the right packing materials.

Model UseClassColorFilm thicknessRoll lengthFilm width
UNI UNI UNI MachinedStretchedTransparent20 / 23 μ1500 / 1700 meter500 mm
Hi Stretch Hi Stretch Hi Stretch MachinedStretchedTransparent15 / 17 / 20 / 23 / 35 μ1000 / 1500 / 1550 / 1700 / 1750 / 2000 / 2300 meter250 / 500 mm
HE Stretch HE Stretch HE Stretch MachinedStretchedTransparent20 / 23 μ1500 / 1700 meter500 mm
Amplast Amplast Amplast MachinedBlownTransparent / Black15 / 20 / 25 / 35 μ1000 / 1500 / 1850 / 2450 / 5000 meter250 / 500 mm
Cyklowrap Cyklowrap Cyklowrap HandBlownTransparent / Colored8 - 30 μ300 meter430 / 500 mm
Top sheets Top sheets Top sheets MachinedTransparent35 / 50 / 60 / 80 μ255 / 350 / 500 meter1200 / 1300 / 1500 / 2000 mm

Pallet wrapping in different ways

Pallets can be wrapped in different ways: manual, semi-automatic horizontal, vertical semi-automatic, fully automatic horizontal or vertical automatically. With a hand film reel and hand wrap film (Cyklopwrap) you can easily and quickly wrap small quantities of pallets manually.

Note: Manual wrapping is taxing on the back of your employee!  Moreover, a hand-wrapped pallet is never so tight and closely wound as a machine-wrapped pallet.  A machining solution is a worthwhile investmentment and an alternative to hand wrapping where the number of processing pallets exceeds 15 per day.

Of course, the quality of the wrapping film also plays an important part (stretch wrap, pre-stretch film, hand wrapping film, and machine pallet wrapping film) as does the correct choice of the wrapping for the pallet.

Reliable film supplier

Cyklop is a reliable film supplier that supplies from stock.  In addition, our staff provide you with expert advice on the different types of film.