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More information?
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Fully automatic film wrappers

In the list below you will find various automatic film wrappers of Cyklop. These fully automatic film wrappers are of high quality and are produced in our own factories in Italy and Sweden. The following table shows the different specifications of the film wrappers. Cyklop also has fully automatic turntable ring and arm wrappers.

Film wrappers in your production line

The fully automatic film wrappers can easily be integrated into a new or existing production line. Fully automatic film wrappers are interesting if you have to wrap a large number of pallets per hour. Using a wrapper with  high percentage of pre-stretch and low maintenance, ensures a reduction in the total cost in your production. No operator required for fully automatic wrappers.

In the chart below you can see how many pallets per hour each film wrapper can process, together with a description of the wrapping system and the pre-stretch percentage.

Model Pallets per hourWrapping systemShelf system
CST 915 CST 915 CST 915 15TurntablePre-stretch system (150-200-250%)
CST 940 CST 940 CST 940 40Turn tableMotorized pre-stretch system (120-350%)
GL 1000 GL 1000 GL 1000 60Turn tablePower Ecostretch (300%)
CSA 915 CSA 915 CSA 915 15Free armPre-stretch system (150-200-250%)
CSA 955/965 CSA 955/965 CSA 955/965 65Free armPre-stretch system (150-200-250%)
CSA 975 CSA 975 CSA 975 75Free armPre-stretch system (150-200-250%)
CSA Twin CSA Twin CSA Twin 95Free armPre-stretch system (150-200-250%)
CSR 9120 CSR 9120 CSR 9120 120RingMotorized pre-stretch system (160-300%)
CSR Twin CSR Twin CSR Twin 140RingMotorized pre-stretch system (160-300%)
GL 2000 GL 2000 GL 2000 100RingPower Ecostretch Plus (400%)