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More information?
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Plastic strapping equipment

Cyklop offers many different types of hand strapping tools. Cyklop strapping tools are suitable for multiple sizes of plastic strapping material both polyester and polypropylene. In addition, these hand tools are available in several versions manual, battery and pneumatic. Below you can see an overview of the plastic strapping tools in our range for securing both heavy and light bundles, packages and pallets.

Hand tools for plastic strapping

The manually operated KO 76 is easy to use and quick to operate. If you are looking for a hand tool with a larger sealing range, the CMT250 battery tool can be operated by one hand and is easy to use. The CMT250 is suitable for both polyester and polypropylene strapping materials.

Large quantity strapping?

Where strapping of large quanties of goods are required, a strapping machine is possibly a convenient solution. Below you can find an overview of the different strapping machines Cyklop offer. The overview displays machines that are suitable for pallets and machines for strapping packages and bundles.

Model SealingTensionMechanismWeightBelt entryStrap
KO 16 KO 16 KO 16 SealHand3,4 kgStrap on strapPP / PET 16 mm
KO 76 KO 76 KO 76 SealHand2,3 kgStrap on strapPP / PET 13 mm
CMT 50 CMT 50 CMT 50 Friction weld2300 NBattery4 kgStrap on strapPP 9 - 16 mm / PET 9 - 19 mm
CLT 120 CLT 120 CLT 120 Friction weld1200 NBattery3,4 kgStrap on strapPP / PET 9 - 12 mm
CMT 250 CMT 250 CMT 250 Friction weld2500 NBattery3,9 kgStrap on strapPP / PET 12 - 16 mm
CHT 400 CHT 400 CHT 400 Friction weld4000 NBattery4,2 kgStrap on strapPP 19 mm / PET 15 - 19 mm
CP 500 CP 500 CP 500 Friction weld5000 NAir5,6 kgStrap on strapPP / PET 13 - 19 mm