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Steel strapping equipment

On this page you will find an overview of our steel strapping tools. These devices are suitable to use if you want to be strapping with steel. Our steel hand tools are to be used in combination with different types of steel banding. In addition, the tools are available in several versions. In the list below you will see steel hand tools for securing both heavy and light bundles and packages.

For large quantities of strapping, a steel strapping machine is a possible and convenient solution.

Hand tools for Steel strapping

If you are looking for a light model steel strapping device, the MST 3 might be of interest. This device is simple and robust and has up to 4,500 N tension. The simple operation of this device makes it ideal for strapping bundles and packages of various kinds. If you are looking for a device that is suitable for heavier applications, you can opt for the CH 48.

Below are the other tools in a list, including the specifications.

Model TensionSealingWeightMechanismWidth strapThickness strap
MST 3 MST 3 MST 3 4500 NSealless3,9 kgHand13, 16, 19 mm0.4 - 0.64 mm
CH 47 CH 47 CH 47 6500 NSealless3,5 kgHand13, 16, 19 mm0.4 - 0.63 mm
CH 48 CH 48 CH 48 6000 NSealless5,2 kgHand19 mm0.63 - 0.80 mm
BSZ T BSZ T BSZ T 4100 NSeal2,4 kg / 3,7 kgHand19, 32 mm0.6 - 1.0 mm
CR 25 CR 25 CR 25 3000 NSeal3,3 kgCompressed air13, 16, 19 mm0.4 - 0.63 mm
CR 26 CR 26 CR 26 8500 NSeal9,3 kgCompressed air25, 32 mm0.8 - 1.0 mm