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More information?
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Stretch hood machines

A stretch hooding (bagging) machine applies tubular stretch films from 25-180 micron to most loads. Film is drawn from a reel, stretched and applied to the product. When the film is released it recovers naturally, tightening around the pack providing stability, protection against dust and water, a printed logo if required.

Model Bags per hourMicron to most loadsUp to films in automatic
CSH1000 CSH1000 CSH1000 8025 - 1803
CSH2000 CSH2000 CSH2000 20025 - 1806
CSH4 CSH4 CSH4 24020 - 1604
CSH2K Max CSH2K Max CSH2K Max 15025 - 1808
CRO CRO CRO 6030 - 150

• No heat is required, so stretch hood/bag machines are eco-friendly vs shrink machines using gas or electricity!
• The weight of film used is usually less than with shrink machines, less use of plastic packaging!
• For certain products, a top cap or sleeve can be suitable, requiring still less packaging!
• Low maintenance, high reliability!

• High Speed – up to 240 pallets/ hour
• Motor Driven Film Reel(s)
• Mechanical Bag Opening (CSH1000)
• Motorized Film Stretch Process (Width and Vertical)
• Ground level film loading
• Multiple film sizes in automatic cycle (<7)
• Perforated film for products than need to breath
• Logo printing on the outside of the film
• Random size load capability

Other options:
• Specialised internal conveyors, roller, chain or shuttle car
• Transport conveying for turnkey solutions
• Strapping, pallet dispensing/stacking machines available from Cyklop
• Very large product sizes available
• On bag printing from Cyklop

Stretch hooding benefits vs stretch wrapping:
• Speed, top stabiliser not required, no need for stock of top sheet film
• No lateral forces on the product
• Increased load stability due to vertical film forces
• First class weather protection from 5 or 6 sides
• Only 10% film roll replacements increases system availability
• Perfect bar code readability due to no overlapping film
• Accurate film budgeting as there are no variables, set film design
• No edge damaged rolls causing stoppages

Stretch hooding benefits vs shrink hooding:
• 25% less film and >90% energy savings
• Higher flexibility of handling various product sizes
• Reduced maintenance
• No heat – no potential product damage or cooling system
• Fully recyclable film
• Lower storage space for film rolls