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Film wrappers

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Pallet wrapping machine, turntable wrapper, ring wrapper or arm wrapper?

You can wrap pallets in different ways: manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. The simplest and cheapest solution is manual wrapping using a hand-wrap reel and Cyklop wrap film.

Hand wrapping is a labour intensive and stressful activity. In addition, a hand-wound pallet is less stable than a machine-wound pallet.

The quality of the wrapping film used also plays an important part in the final result and stability of your pallet.


Wrap with pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machines

Cyklop have a wide range of high-quality pallet wrappers and pallet wrapping machines produced in our own factories in Sweden and Italy.

Our wrappers vary in price and functionality, Cyklop always have a suitable machine in their program.

For example, we have simple models like the CST201, mid range models like the CST212 and CTT215 and the high-end film wrapping machine CTT300.



Wrap pallets with a pallet wrapping machine wherever you want!

Depending on the location of your packaging process, you can wrap your pallets using different types of pallet wrapping machines:

  • Film wrapper with turntable
  • Free arm wrapper
  • Mobile wrapping machine (robot)
CST_211 CSA_211_212 CSM_211_212_212_Advance

Fully automatic wrapping systems

With our fully automatic wrapping systems (CSR9120) you can wrap up to 140 pallets per hour. Our facilities can be provided with various options. With the models below, the pallet is standing still and then wraps:

• Ring winder (CSR 9120)

• Free arm wrapper (CSA 975)

With these fully automated models, the pallet turns:

• Pallet wrapper (CST 940)

• Pallet wrapper (CST 915)